Mentorship Program

What is the mentorship program? The mentorship program launched in 2018 as a KAAA initiative that looks to connect King’s Academy students and fresh graduates with alumni who will offer advice, guidance and support in major aspects of their lives: collegiate, academic, professional and personal.

How does it work? Each registrant will be paired with at least one mentor from the alumni body who shares similar interests (career, hobbies, major, college, etc). Matched individually, mentors and mentees will be introduced through email and it will be up to the pair to determine their method and frequency of communication.

Who can mentor? Any graduate of King’s Academy.

Who can be mentored? Any junior, senior, and alumni of King’s Academy.

What does being a mentor entail? Being a mentor is being available for your mentee for any questions or concerns that they may have concerning their academic, professional, or personal development. Mentees may have more than one mentor in order to diversify advice and opinions.

How can I become a mentor? You can become a mentor by signing up through the form below.

How can I become a mentee? You can become a mentee by signing up through the form below.

Can I be both a mentor and a mentee? Yes, you can!

For more information, please email:

Jinseul Jun ‘13 shares her wisdom with her mentee Anas Badran ‘19 over Skype.

Questions for your mentor!

King’s Academy:

  • What was your King’s experience like?

  • What was the hardest part about transitioning to college from King’s?

  • How was your college application process like? Anything I should focus on?

  • What is the one thing that you wish you had learned at King’s when you were a student?

  • What are your thoughts on taking a gap year?


  • Who did you seek out when you needed help (academic, residential, personal, etc…)?

  • How did you choose your major?

  • How did you handle being a minority in university?

  • What is the most challenging thing being at university?

  • How did you handle your work/life balance at university?

  • Did you do internships? Why? How did you select them? How do you apply to them?


  • Should I jump into a masters right after college or should I work first?

  • What was your job application process like? How do you identify good jobs?

  • How is the interview process like?

  • What was the role of friends and family throughout university and after university?  

  • Is it okay to change jobs? What about living abroad?

  • Should I move back?